Chase Dreams

by Head for Dreams

Psychologists tend to think that chase dreams occur when our emotions become repressed. Emotions such as love, hate, envy or anxiety that have been hidden in our metaphorical closet that will eventually appear but in our dreams. Once ignored these thoughts and images manifest via unconscious in our dreams as we are being chased by an attacker or monster. Analysing your chase dream can be a very helpful tool to manage how you handle stressful situations in your life.  The fight or flight response is the body’s natural instinct to anticipate for attack when threatened. You either run for the hills or stand up against the attacker.

Why Am I Being Chased?

Remembering the events in your dream will help you understand if you are facing your fears directly, or if your running away from them.  These dreams should not be ignored but rather dealt with in orderly fashion in order to get to the root of the problem. Chase dreams usually tend to be quite scary and can happen more than once. If a chase dream is constantly recurring you need to address this issue right away.  If you ignore the message you will encounter the dream time and time again.

Step 1

Translating your chase dream can be quite a challenge if you haven’t done it before. Before you start decoding your dream you must recall and record every single detail of your dream and not leave out any information. Every single symbol in your dream has a specific meaning to it.  Once you apply your dream to a piece of paper now its time to figure out what it means. Using the dream dictionary provides you with what your dream symbols mean.

Step 2

Your next step would be to write down your current fears in your life. These fears can either be internal or external factors. Your fears can be from somebody at work or the dread of public speaking.  Writing down your fears makes it easier to break down what you dream is hinting at.

Step 3

Dreams have a very bizarre way of sending messages to your conscious. Being chased by a killer dog, murderer or even a monster can translate to your boss, parents or friends.  Some chase dreams suggest that the attacker can be you!

Step 4

Do you remember how far the distance was between you and the attacker? The closer the attacker suggests how close you are with dealing with your problem. If you escaped the attacker it means you are free of the problem for now but will come back.

The Attacker

Are you the attacker? As hard as it may seem to figure out why you would be wanting to kill yourself or hurt yourself in your own dream, you must first look at yourself in detail.  Dreams of this nature can be a manifestation of the things you hate about yourself.  If you possess bad qualities that you overlook such as being angry, greedy or even depressed you might encounter being chased by a scary unknown figure. If you can identify with what the attacker looks like then it helps you figure out if you possess the same qualities, for example, if the attacker had on a mask it suggests that you might be hiding something.  You want to compare yourself with the attacker and see if it reflects the same aspects in your life. Try and figure out where your chase dream occurred, the location and the people around you. Pinpointed the events will help you find out where the problem is coming from. If you were attacked at work, for example, it suggests that you have a problem at your workplace.

Am I Chasing Something?

We are more likely to have a dream of being chased, though we do dream that we are the ones chasing something.  Do you remember what you are chasing?  For the most part, if you are chasing something is a good dream. It’s possible that you have high ambition and want to reach for the stars in your life. Though if you lack motivation it suggests that you are lacking behind in activities in your life that you are not proud of.

Chase Dream Recap

Have a look below to see a quick recap on why you might be getting a chase dream. Make sure to get all the details and write them down with a pen and paper.  If you have trouble remembering your dreams make sure to come to Dream Dictionary forum. Most of the time when we experience a chase dream we are not addressing an issue in our walking life.

  • Afraid of facing your issues?
  • Running away from problems that need to be solved?
  • I could be the attacker/villain?
  • Who in my life is causing me distress?
  • What is the distance between me and the attacker?
  • Did I get away?
  • Fear of getting caught?
Just a Dream

If you watched a horror movie just before you went to bed it’s very possible that you would have a dream of being chased. If this happens disregarded as just a normal dream.

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