Naked in Public

by Head for Dreams

A dream of being naked in public usually starts with a sense of shock as you find yourself completely or partially enclosed in a public place. Although you are making frantic attempts to shield your body and hide behind whatever cover you can find, you still feel that you are in full view of all the people around you. Everyone else is fully dressed and, even though you are extremely embarrassed, no one else seems to notice your nudity.

When you dream about being naked in public, it indicates that there is a particular situation in your day-to-day life that is making you feel vulnerable and exposed. It may be that you are entering an unfamiliar situation, such as a new job or relationship, where you feel that you lack confidence in your abilities. Even though you try and hide your nakedness by whatever means you can, no one else seems to notice because you still appear confident to them.

The clothes that you wear in waking life symbolise the image that you feel comfortable showing to the people around you. Your garments form a protective barrier that helps you to conceal your apparently vulnerable self when dealing with other people. Although you are happy to completely open up in private, it can make you feel very uncomfortable if you feel that the more personal areas of your life are being exposed in public.


The action from this dream is to be more confident in revealing the real you to the people around you. It may seem easier to hide your abilities away so that they won’t be constantly exposed to the judgements and criticisms of other people. By choosing to keep your talents under wraps, however, you constantly have to show up as other people expect you to appear, rather than showing up in a way that really displays your uniqueness.

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