Teeth Dreams

by Head for Dreams

When teeth appear in our dreams they usually come across as either missing, falling, breaking, or even rotting. These unsettling dreams usually have us horrified due to its vividness, and how real the dream felt. Teeth as a symbol might imply inner aspects of ourselves that we don’t recognise, possibly the ego is being provoked or challenged. Remember our teeth can be visible by people (society) or can be covered by our mouth (speech). Translating this symbol has its challenges, it takes time to distinguish whether it’s an internal or external dilemma, or if it is hidden deep in our unconscious mind.

Types of Teeth Dreams

Pulling Teeth

Who was pulling on your teeth, or is it someone else? What direction were you pulling your teeth? Did the teeth come out? Who was around you? How did you feel? Once you have obtained all these questions then you can properly piece together the dream. If you are pulling your teeth, it might be related to speech and how you conduct yourself in your waking life. You might be holding something internally that is causing you distress. If someone is pulling your teeth then it could mean someone is trying to get something out of you that is valuable to you. An unknown person who pulls at your teeth suggests more of an internal problem that you cant see within yourself. If you recognise the person then it could have something to do with them.

Rotting Teeth

Rotting teeth dreams could symbolise our anxieties and fears that we repressing deep down inside us. How we feel on the inside might be now visible to others on the outside. Rotting shows others and ourselves the decay, decline and degeneration of our image. What might be going on in your waking life has an impact on the meaning of this dream. If you are feeling unhealthy, bad talking or even insecure around others, dreams of rotting teeth seem suitable. This also suggests fear or becoming old or improper hygiene. If you noticed yourself looking directly in the mirror this related to repressed shadow archetype that has been ignored and now it’s being shown.

Broken, Chipped, or Crooked Teeth

Broken and chipped teeth in movies suggest the character is poor, uneducated and dumb that we laugh at. The feeling is embarrassing and it is quite noticeable to you and other people. Deep down inside you might feel broken about aspects of yourself that are now coming to the surface. These dreams can hit at repressed insecurity that needs to be addressed. Mask’s are created by the ego to protect ourselves from the hidden idiocracies that we do anything to hide. Being exposed to our imperfection might have us feeling unsettled. Though there is an important message in this dream that wants us to look inward to do some repairing. Dreaming of crooked teeth suggests something that needs to be straightened out with you.

If someone is breaking your teeth it could donate to someone trying to ruin your image. Unable to recognise the person suggests self-destructive behaviour and to watch what you say. You might be doing something that is not ethical or being crooked.

Teeth Falling Out

As bizarre as this dream may feel it seems to be fairly common. Falling teeth could be an inner reflection of how we are feeling about ourselves at the moment. Teeth falling suggest a lack of support internally and you might be having trouble holding things together that was once strong in you. These dreams could relate to all anxieties and fears you have at your workplace or relationship as well. The location and the people around you will give you an indication of what to look out for. If you are looking in the mirror then it has a different meaning. Doing some self-reflection on your confidence can better help you understand your dream. The dream is metaphoric to how you are feeling. Are you falling apart inside?

Crumbling Teeth

Crumbling teeth dreams could suggest your fears of getting old or feelings of inner collapsing. Like a building that was once big and strong, now its detonated and is just rubble. Do you feel that you were once strong and powerful? Now, are you just old and withering away in the wind? This could just be your ego talking and you need to change the way you think to get out of this situation. Things in life change and so should you. If you feel that you are falling apart inside this suggest some inner emotions that you are unable to handle at the moment.

Losing Your Teeth

A lost tooth can feel a little distressing like a missing piece of a puzzle that does not compete inside you. Figuring out what that means suggests some inner self-reflection. If you lost your tooth in front of the mirror points to what is reflecting at you. The location might hint at where the issue is stemming from. You might also be unable to find something that was once part of your existence. Below are some hints to help you better get an understanding of what it might mean.

False Teeth

Not telling the truth? Do you feel fake around others when you speak? Not being true to yourself? False teeth can imply an internal problem that is being seen by others. Do you tend to be dishonest or you break the rules? Can you recall saying or doing something that ended up hurting somebody lately? Did spread lies about someone that was not true? Do you have fears of being replaced by something else?

Spitting Out Teeth

Dreams of this nature are fairly common that are often very vivid. This dream can be revolved around our self-image or a weakening of something internal. What might be falling out of you that was once held secure in the past? Why is this happening now? Was this unexpected? Could this be related to your job or relationship? Who were you with? All these questions will help you piece this puzzle together. How you felt when this happened might be a connection to the mood you are experiencing with this issue.

Teeth Dreams & Death

There have been many cases of strange coalitions between teeth dreams and death. Many have reported that when they lose their teeth in a dream somebody close to them dies. Not all symbols are collectively shared between person to person. Teeth in a dream can be translated in many different ways like the symbol of the snake, so try not to jump to conclusions.

Different Perspectives On Teeth Dreams

Interestingly enough teeth dream have been recorded as far back as the beginning of dream interpretation. Teeth seem to be a collective symbol we all share on a conscious and unconscious level. Within the Greek culture, they believe that teeth imply illness and death. The Chinese believe that when you dream of teeth in a negative way it represents our speech. For the most part, most of the people in the western world today are so revolved around the image and looking good. This is why the mirror appears in the dream for the dreamer to do a self-reflection of insecurities preying on our soul.

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