Water Dreams

by Head for Dreams

Water as a dream symbol holds a very important message to the dreamer that is unveiled to the conscious via the unconscious. Water can be interpreted differently due to the content and nature of the dream. Understanding the colour, location and mood of the water dream can all influence the meaning. Water, for the most part, touches on the dreamer’s inner emotional state of mind. Like most people who might not understand their emotions very well, water can mimic our emotions we might be feeling or repressing. Water can hold both positive and negative roles for the dreamer and understanding it can help you mentally in your walking life.

Water Colour

Clear Water

This is a positive dream symbol that lets you know your emotions are clear. Depending who and what is around you in the dream might indicate to your feelings to them.


If you are unable to see it might suggest emotional difficulties. Your thoughts might be controlling how you feel about the situation. Try to be more positive.

Dark Blue

If the colour is very dark suggests unconscious emotions that could be heavy and deep. How you feel being in the water shows how comfortable you are with your emotional depth.


This symbol suggests anger or passion. This is a very strong colour that brings out the dreamers inner feelings.


Your emotions are thick and you need to remove the heaviness in your life.

Water Dreams Meanings


This is a dream symbol where your unconscious is telling you to wake up! Get back on track with your life and stop stalling.

Water is Boiling/Hot

Means your emotions are running high and you need to let off some steam. You might have reached your boiling point in a current situation. If you are burnt by the water it means that you are going to suffer if you boil up your emotions. You must relax and take your time.

Listening to Water

Listening to water in your dream denotes a time for reflection and peace with your thoughts and emotions.

Walking on Water

Means you at the top of your emotions and you have complete control. You might also have some hidden qualities.


This scary dream means you are unable to deal with a powerful force that’s out of your control. Tsunami dreams indicate that your at your emotional capacity on how you might emotionally deal with an upcoming situation. Sometimes this can be a force that is out of our control, and we have to brace for protection. This symbol can also mean an unconscious shift due to repression that all the emotions will erupt. How you feel and act in the dream will suggest how you will handle this issue.


Rivers symbolise your journey in life whether its physical or spiritual one. If the river water is flowing fast it can mean rapid changes might occur soon. It is also possible that you feel out of control in your life and need to slow down. If the river is calm and peaceful it means being comfortable with the changes in your waking life.


Waves make it difficult to move through. They can be dangerous. Waves can be created by your pent up emotions or outside troubles might be crashing to the surface.


This is a fairly common dream symbol that suggests internal emotional turmoil. One might be afraid of aspects of getting too deep on an emotional level.


Dreaming of a waterfall is a great dream symbol. It means cleansing and a new beginning. You might be getting a fresh start in life.

Water Storms

Storms in dreams can represent a deterioration of past experiences or relationships. Storms represent a bad situation that we are in emotionally. It doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad symbol because every storm will pass and there will be sunshine ahead.

Crossing Water

If you’re crossing the ocean water with ease means that you show a great ability to experience freedom and independence.

Sea Water

Unlike the ocean, dreaming of the sea connects the conscious and unconscious mind. Decoding the dream, you can come up with “I See Now” or “See It Coming”. If you’re lost at sea it relates to you floating around in life without any sense of direction. If you are lost at sea suggest an inability to find your way in life as you are lost.

Holy Water

You might need a spiritual cleansing. Whatever you put holy water on in your dream you may want to bless that certain item that holds significance.


You might feel on top of your emotions from going to one stage to the next.

Ship Wreck In Water

Depending on if your stranded or not makes a big difference. If somebody is there to help you means that people support you during tough times. If not means you need support and someone to talk to.

Swimming or Pool

Swimming in a pool alone means that you are looking for relaxation. If you are swimming in a pool or ocean with somebody means that you are connected in more ways than one. What happened in the pool? What was the mood and colour?


It might be your mind telling you your dehydrated. Sometimes we dream of drinking water in our sleep when our bodies are craving liquids.


When you are deep underwater you are exploring deep into your unconscious mind. How did you feel when you were exploring? What did you see? Sometimes if you look hard enough you will find your treasure.


If you are electrocuted in the water suggest that your going to get some shocking news that you might not be expecting. If you avoid the current then it could imply you dodged a very dangerous situation.

Scuba Diving

This positive dream symbol suggests your ability to go deep within your emotions and find what might be unknown to you. You love to explore deep aspects of yourself.

Below The Water

Usually what is hidden deep below the water represents hidden aspects of our emotions that will come to the surface. You might encounter whales, dolphins, crabs or sea creatures. These all have a different meaning that will help you better understand what wants to appear consciously to you. Sometimes these creatures will come to shore to bring a message to you. Sometimes you might be attacked in the water that symbolises a fear of what you repress emotionally.

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