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Bungee Jumping

To dream that you are bungee jumping represents your ability to bounce back from adversities and setbacks in your life. The important thing to remember is that you took the initial risk.

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To see a butterfly in your dream signifies longevity, creativity, romance, joy and spirituality. You may be experiencing a new way of thinking. Or you are undergoing some sort of transformation. Alternatively, a butterfly refers to your need to settle down. You are lacking focus in your life. You tend to be flighty and jump from one thing to another. Also consider the term “social butterfly” to describe someone who is popular and outgoing. Perhaps you need to be more outgoing.

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To dream that you are doing the backstroke suggests that although you are acknowledging your emotions,  you are not confronting them head on.

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To dream that you are a bridesmaid signifies a looming romance. Also consider the old adage “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”. You could be expressing your desire to be in a committed relationship.

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To see or wear a bracelet in your dream refers to an expression of deep passion and fire. The dream is also a sign that you need to rekindle old friendships and to call up an old friend that you haven’t heard from in awhile.

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