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To see or eat M&M’s in your dream symbolises life’s small, but sweet rewards. More directly, M&M may represent the initials of two people in your waking life.

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To see a mansion in your dream symbolises your greatest potential and growth. You may feel that your current situation or relationship is in a rut.

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To see mold in your dream indicates that something in your life has been ignored or is no longer of any use. It may also refer to the negative emotions that are expanding and growing in your subconscious. You need to find a productive way to express them before it grows out of control. Alternatively, the mold may also represent transformation. If you dream that you are scrubbing mold, then it means that you need to rid yourself of the negative and pessimistic attitude.

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To see or use a modem in your dream represents communication. You need to better convey your feelings to others.

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To dream that you are doing missionary work implies that it is time for you to define and set your own goals. Alternatively, the dream may be about your desire to help others or give back.

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