To see a picture in your dream symbolises a mental imprint that remains persistent in your mind. Your actions are irreversible. There is no turning back in what you do. Also consider the phrases “picture this” or “seeing the big picture” in a situation. In particular, if the picture is in black and white picture, then it indicates that you need to consider opposing viewpoints. Alternatively, it may mean that you need to add more colour and pizzazz to your life.

To dream that you are hanging a picture represents acceptance the image that is depicted in the picture. You have come to an understanding or compromise regarding the situation.

To dream that you are taking a picture suggests that you need to focus more attention on some situation or relationship. Perhaps, you feel that you need to recapture some past moments in a relationship. Alternatively, taking a picture refers to your desires to hold onto a certain moment in your life. If you are trying to take a picture, but people are standing in your way, then it means that outside influences are not letting you focus on your goals and what you really need to do.

To see a blurry picture in your dream suggests that your memory of the depicted event, incident, or people is fading. Perhaps you need to let go of the past and stop holding on to what was and concentrate on what is. On the other hand, you are attempting to disguise a situation and refusing to see it as it really is. You need to learn acceptance.