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To see quadruplets in your dream represent wholeness. You are close to becoming who you really want to be. You will enjoy calmness and peace after a period of much chaos and problems.

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To take quinine in your dream suggests that you need to relax. A situation is making you too tense. Alternatively, the dream means that you are feeling reenergized.

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To see many ships docked at the quay signifies fulfillment of your wishes.

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To see yourself bogged down in a quagmire refers to your inability to meet your obligations and fulfill your goals. You are literally stuck in a rut.

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To see a quilt in your dream signifies harmony, protection, warmth, and pleasant and comfortable circumstances. The dream may be a metaphor for various components in your life that help to make up the overall scenario or big picture. Consider the colour and pattern of the quilt for additional significance.

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