by Head for Dreams

To see or eat beans in your dream signify your connection to your roots and to humanity. Consider what binds you to your community. Alternatively, beans are symbolic of the soul and of immortality. They also relate to fertility.

In particular, cooking or eating baked beans points to satisfaction with your current life. Things are going well in your work, in your school, in your relationships or in your home life. If you see a hallway or corridor filled with baked beans and flowing like a river, then it reiterates that your life is going smoothly. Perhaps you are even bored at how easy things are going and you are looking for a challenge. If there are other people be swept along by the river of baked beans, then it represents those who depend on you.

To dream that you are picking up beans symbolises your frugal and thrifty ways. Perhaps the dream is telling you to be more watchful of your finances.

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