To see a railroad in your dream indicates that you have laid out a set track toward achieving your goals. Your progress will be slow but steady. You are well disciplined and secure in your life. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you may be too linear and rigid in your thinking. Perhaps a situation or relationship in your waking life has become monotonous. Sometimes you need to go off track and explore other possibilities.

To see an obstruction on the railroad refers to the obstacles standing in your way toward your goals. It may also mean that you have lost track of your goals.

To dream that you are walking alongside the railroad tracks signifies completion of your tasks.

To dream that you are crossing railroad tracks indicates that you are going against the path that others have laid out for you. You are doing your own thing and not what others want or expect of you. Alternatively, the dream symbolises a transitional phase. Consider the phrase of coming/being from “the wrong side of the tracks.” Perhaps it signifies the progress you have made. Do not forget about your humble beginnings.