The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

by Head for Dreams

​After a long day, many of us trudge up to bed, pop on our pyjamas and settle down for a well-earned night’s sleep. But what if we didn’t put on our pyjamas? What if we just took off our clothes and climbed into bed as naked as the day we were born? One in three people apparently sleep without anything on, and it’s these people who might be doing it right. Here are some of the benefits of sleeping naked.

Better Quality Sleep

One of the benefits of sleeping naked is that it could actually help you to get a better night’s sleep. An Australian study showed that having the wrong body temperature at night can stop you getting to sleep, while this study suggests that not allowing your body to regulate its temperature (by wearing clothes, for example) could stop you reaching the deeper stages of sleep. You also don’t have that annoying feeling of waking up with your pyjamas wrapped half way around your body.

Boost Oxytocin Levels

Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone produced by the body that has all sorts of positive benefits, including combating stress, depression and high blood pressure. Skin-to-skin contact with a partner from sleeping naked can boost the production of oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’, which gives you access to its host of health benefits, as well as making you feel closer to your partner.

Sleeping naked provides better quality of sleep

Anti-Ageing Properties

Believe it or not, sleeping naked can actually help you age more slowly. If your body is too warm (above around 21 degrees), when you sleep this can prevent the release of melatonin and growth hormones, which are important for keeping you looking as fresh and youthful as possible. Sleeping naked can help keep your body temperature low enough to produce these hormones, and keep those wrinkles at bay.

These growth hormones also help promote bone density, build muscle, repair tissue, lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and promote a healthy weight.

It Can Build Self-Confidence

Sleeping naked could help you become happier with the way you look. It may help you build self-confidence no matter how you look, particularly if you have a partner who sleeps naked with you. You may be reluctant at first, but give it a go and it won’t be long before you don’t care about what you look like naked.

It Can Help Keep You Slim

When our bodies start to cool during the night, our levels of cortisol also decrease, and if we don’t get enough sleep, or our body temperature is too high to let those cortisol levels drop, then we could wake up with too much cortisol in our body. Having too much cortisol can make us want to snack (as well as other negative health effects), particularly on comfort food, which – of course – is not good for our waistlines.

Sleeping naked can provide slimming benefits

Benefits of Sleeping Naked With Your Partner

Taking away the barrier of clothes is an easy way to boost your love life, and it is likely that you will find yourselves having more ‘intimate moments’ together. This is a great boost for your relationship and can further boost your oxytocin levels, as mentioned earlier.


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